North America isn’t your typical backpacking destination but it should never be overlooked. The USA and Canada do not have the best amenities for us budget travellers as other regions of the world, but what what they do have is variety. As a combination, the USA and Canada have an abundance of iconic sights, famous landmarks, dazzling cities and stunning natural beauty. If you have the money to hire a car, you can enjoy some of the best scenic drives in the world including the California’s infamous highway one, and appreciate a tremendous sense of freedom in this western wonderland. You can take your pick of the National Parks across this continent as each are spectacular in their own right. From Banff Nation Park in Alberta, to Yosemite in California and everything in between, you will be amazed at how perfect and beautiful mother nature can be. Be sure to include a visit to New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Toronto, or Vancouver on your trip as these destinations provide a gluttony of history, entertainment, night life, and eateries. North America won’t feel like you are having proper backpacking experience because the culture isn’t too dissimilar to anywhere else in the west, but you can build an outstanding backpacking itinerary based on this one continent alone!



The USA has been described as a melting pot of nationalities. The country is so diverse and has many different cultural influences due to its history. Both coasts of the states offer plenty of unique things to see and do as each city is different. The central states are vast and if it is not a desert then it is likely that it is a corn field. Although the USA is not a highly regarded backpacker location, you will not get bored especially if you have some spare cash. This country offers both natural beauty and sprawling cities both waiting to be explored.

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