Australasia is technically a region of Oceania. It consists primarily of Australia and New Zealand, but it also includes the neighbouring island New Guinea as well as the Pacific Islands such as the Cook Islands and Fiji. Australasia has been separated from any other land mass for millions of years, and as a consequence it has developed many indigenous species of flora and fauna. This makes the entire region very interesting and unique place to visit as many aspects of this area of the world are so foreign to many people. The landscape is dramatic, the world life exotic, and the beaches are extraordinary, so fire up the BBQ and head down under for some of the best backpacking adventures the world has to offer!



Australia is a vast country with the majority of the population living in a few cities on the coasts. The centre of Australia is mainly desert, commonly known as the bush or the outback, and where the aborigines live. Being so isolated on the globe, there a many native creatures to Australia well worth seeing and admiring, and many wonderful traditions in their culture. So warm up the BBQ and head down under.

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Cook Islands

Golden sandy beaches, warm waters and lagoons are what really sell this tranquil paradise in the South Pacific. Rarotonga is the main island of this island group but it is still very small. The main town on the island is called Avarua and it has a supermarket, gift shops, some eateries and bars but not a lot else. The Cook Islands is really a destination to unwind for a week during a longer tour or on a stop over from Australia to the States. Any longer her and you may struggle to keep yourself entertained.

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New Zealand

Both islands offer action, adventure and beautiful scenery. Be swept away by the snow topped mountains and sky blue lakes on the south island and the greenery and vastness of the north. This stunning country is usually overshadowed as a destination by its nearby neighbour despite New Zealand offering so much. Use this New Zealand travel guide to plan your next visit.

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