Our Aim: To create a platform for the sharing of low budget travel information, tips and advice to backpackers across the globe based on real travel experiences.

About ThinkBackpacking.com

ThinkBackpacking.com aims to create a knowledge base of quality travel information for first time and experienced backpackers based upon real first hand experiences. We aim to document all the things books and other sites miss, and the things you need to know before travelling but can only find out by going. This way all readers can get reliable, genuine, and useful advice which can be priceless to somebody else. We cover all topics from planning a trip and prerequisites right through to arriving back home.

At ThinkBackpacking.com we welcome input and feedback from our readers to help enhance this site for future first time and experienced travellers. If you wish to make a contribution to our growing knowledge base of travel guides then you can by either writing a guide or adding to an existing guide. You will also find “add information” links scattered around the site whereby you can contribute and claim recognition.

About Me

During my last year at University there was a lot of pressure from a number of sources to get a job and build a career. That did sound good but I realised I was not ready for that and I needed to travel before I began the first day of the rest of my life. I realised that after graduation I would be at a perfect position to go travelling, with no commitments or outgoing payments to maintain.

I purchased a round the world ticket from a travel agents in the high street with a friend. The route was quite adventurous in my mind but if you are going to go travelling then it is best to do it properly. Our ticket left the UK and flew to Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, and the USA. Our route left plenty of opportunities for overland travel which I was particularly looking forward to.

I began planning half way through my final year. I bought a book about travelling the world and searched the web but found the best information was first hand information from friends I knew that had been the same places before. I saved up money and the summer before leaving and had a fair bit in the bank from a job I took on at University and set off in September 2007. As my funds were limited there was a tight budget and I had to find ways to save money where I could and gained some great experience in this area. I noticed things which were unavailable, expensive, and surprisingly cheap in certain places and made a mental note of them, with the idea of making this website half in my mind.

Upon returning, I began designing the site in my spare time and creating graphics from the photos I had taken on my travels. I wrote all my information with my unique selling point always in mind. This was always going to be, and still is, giving people the information that is useful to them based on all my experiences from around the world. I took all the things I wish I had known and eventually found out the hard way, and came up with great tips and advice that many books and websites leave out. I published my information in the hope others would add to it and that I could make someone else”s travels smoother. I do currently speak with friends and family and extract their thoughts on places they have been and add their contributions to the site but need other people”s too. So get travelling and get writing!